Sourdough Kalamata Olive Bread

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As part of my push to eat more naturally fermented foods (and because whole grain breads have been giving me a lot of heartburn and reflux lately), I decided to dip my toes in to the world of sourdough. I … Continued

Kamado cooking – notes from a beginner, part 1

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Last night on Facebook, my friend Lindsey told me that she had used my kamado cooking photos to help convince her husband that a kamado grill was the way to go. Then she asked me for suggestions and tips. I … Continued

Homemade Barbecue Sauce

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  I’m a Texas girl by birth and mostly by upbringing, and like any good Texas girl, I do love barbecue. Real barbecue. And what, you ask, do I mean by *real* barbecue? Well, a lot of people use “barbecue” … Continued

Grilling Fever

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As I mentioned in my most recent Things post, I recently bought a kamado style grill. It’s been quite the adventure and learning experience. For one, up until recently H was in charge of all things related to outdoor cooking … Continued

Things 2014 – for many missed weeks

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Wow have the last few weeks been a wild ride. To talk about everything that has happened would take up way too much time and way too many posts, so we’re just going to skip to the present. Work has … Continued

Corned Beef Hash

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So I used to think that I didn’t like corned beef. I suspect that’s because my biggest exposure to it had been the canned version when we lived overseas – weirdly textured and overly spiced. Sort of like SPAM but … Continued

Things 2014 – Week 14

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Things: Life It was a nice, overcast cool spring weekend, so I took a break from the living room / office project to take a stab at the left half of my front garden (I posted some about it last … Continued

Southwestern Bean & Corn Salad

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I hesitate to say that winter is actually, finally over here; historically we’ve had freezes and even snow and ice as late as April 25th in the ATL. But the last few days have been gorgeous and sunny and warm … Continued

Oven Baked Avocado “Fries”

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I have an avocado issue. Specifically I have an avocado ripening issue. For some reason avocados go from rock hard to overripe in my house faster than I can blink. I keep thinking it’s a fluke, but it keeps happening, … Continued

Meal Planning Monday – 2014 Week 14

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I made the above tortellini & broccoli salad for dinner over the weekend and it was delicious. And yes I am going to blog it, along with about a dozen other posts that I have lined up. Leslie (@lesliebeslie) listened … Continued

Things 2014 – Week 13

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Things: Life I’ve been working slowly but steadily on the dining room / office project (inspired by Thrifty Decor Chick’s built-ins). The cats are, of course, insisting on supervising every step of the process. It’s a lot slower going than … Continued

Southern Style Pinto Beans (& Ham)

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In the part of the South I come from, one of the most traditional, Southern dishes you can make is pinto beans – with or without ham. It’s a dish made out of leftovers – some ham, maybe a little … Continued

Things 2014 – Week 10

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  Things: Life   Things: Books & Movies & TV I finished the whole Divergent series this week. I enjoyed it, although the last book in the series seemed somewhat formulaic. Unlike a lot of people who reviewed it on Amazon, … Continued

Meal Planning Monday – 2014 Week 10

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The meal plan for last week stayed pretty consistent and on track, although Friday night I didn’t feel well and wound up skipping dinner entirely, so no meatloaf this week. I am still 100% on track with my grocery budget … Continued

Things 2014 – Week 9

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Things: Life The last 2 weeks have been crazy. I’ve been ill. Work has been super busy. Z has been dealing with work crisis. I feel like I’m spinning in circles and getting nothing done. The cabinets for the dining … Continued

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