$10 Dinner Challenge

November 24, 2008

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The $7 Dinner Challenge that Sarah issued has been upgraded to the $10 Dinner Challenge with slightly new rules. I’m definitely in on this one!

The Ground Rules:

  • You have $10 to create a complete dinner for four, to include the main course and a serving of vegetables for each person.
  • Cost of items (i.e., bread) can be prorated (total cost of loaf/slices used).
  • Salt, pepper, 1/4 cup oil and 1 tablespoon of herbs are free — no need to count these into the cost total. Every other ingredient must count toward your $10 total.
  • No frozen meals. You actually have to make something (however it can have premade components).
  • You must state where you get your pricing info from, and it must be current to the date posted (as in, if the sale is over, the current price is the one that counts).

I’m looking forward to participating in this challenge and will post my first $10 meal tomorrow (tonight’s dinner).

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