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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie post #2: Holly of Phe/MOM/enon picked the 15 Minute Magic: Chocolate Amaretti Torte on pages 276 and 277.

At first I wasn’t going to make this recipe although I really wanted to. I just couldn’t justify dropping $12 on a box of cookies at Whole Foods, plus the almonds, cream, chocolate, etc., that the rest of the recipe called for. But someone on the group mentioned they found amaretti cookies at World Market for much less and so the game was on!

Believe it or not I don’t have any round cake pans, but I do have a tart pan, so I prepped the tart pan as directed. I wasn’t sure that the cake would come out as easily, but the removable bottom on the tart pan really helped. Just a nice gentle push around the bottom edge and the cake popped right out.

The cake took the full 35 minutes to bake and Dorie’s instructions warned that it might dome and crack. Yup.

It was also very thin, as she mentioned.

45 minutes to cool and then pour on the glaze.

Then 30 mins in the fridge to let the glaze set before cutting a slice.

Wow!  I mean a serious wow factor with this cake.  Even H loved the cake and normally this much chocolate makes him cringe.   The richness of all the chocolate is mellowed a bit by the almond flavor that comes through.  I think you could make nice variations of this recipe using different types of crisp cookies/biscuits and nuts. I might try a version with ginger biscuits and pecans at some point.

Also surprisingly, for such a rich dessert, it’s not a complete nutritional wasteland. (Not that I think 353 calories of chocolate, butter, and sugar is a good thing all the time – but as a once a while treat, this is a lot of flavor and richness for the calories and would make it a worthwhile splurge, IMO). I based this calculation on cutting your torte into 8 servings, but truly there is no way I could eat 1/8th of this at a sitting, it’s so rich and decadent.

Nutritional info: (8 servings) Calories: 353. Fat: 27g. Sodium: 135mg. Carbs: 22.5g. Fiber: 2.1g. Protein: 6.7g. (courtesy Calorie Count Recipe Analyser)

Thanks, Holly, for picking an awesome recipe!

The recipe is available in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.


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  • michelle

    It looks so good~ I’m with ya on the 12 dollar cookies~ oh my goodness. But, sometimes ya just gotta splurge! :)

  • Brownie Power

    Wow great recipe!!
    I will have to bake this torte soon!

  • Cakelaw

    Yum! That slice of cake at the top of the post is beckoning to me like the Lorelei beckons the sailors to the rocks – but good to hear that it is not a complete nutritional write-off.

  • Margot

    How many calories do you think it has without the glaze? Whatever the number, this torte’s worth it! Yours looks beautiful.

  • Lillian

    Your photos are great — and your torte is gorgeous. I love the fluted edges from the tart pan.

  • Zoran

    Hi, to GoogleReader!
    Thank you

  • Carolina

    Hhmmm, funny, when I did my calculations, the calories came out to zero, the fat grams also zero, and the nutritional values were through the roof, so I had a little piece for breakfast! I must have made an error somewhere. Beautiful post.

    • Kara

      Carolina – obviously I’m using the WRONG calorie calculation program! I should be using yours instead – I like it much better! :)

  • Natashya

    Gorgeous photos!
    We loved this one too, and I am not much of a chocolate gal either.

  • Jacque

    You know, this would probably make a pretty good tart, come to think of it. I like how it’s not very tall… it has a European flair.

  • Kara

    Heheh. Well I didn’t post the nutritional info from the Banana Cream Pie because it nearly made me faint. I figured this one was reasonable. I’ll post big red warnings next time! :)

  • Katrina

    Yours looks awesome! Glad you loved it.

  • farah

    This looks so yummy, so glad you enjoyed it :)

  • Jessica

    I’m so glad that you were able to find the cookies at a better price. I hate having to shell out a lot of $$ for ingredients sometimes. Your torte looks beautiful — I love the crinkled edges that the tart pan gave it.

  • audrey

    Oh, BRILLIANT idea on the tart pan…especially since this cake (mine anyway) was about 1/4 inch tall! Didn’t matter since it was so good. I’m not going to read what you said about calories…I’m still reeling from my own serious investment in ingredients! Worth it once in a while though!

  • fit chick

    Your torte looks wonderful and I like your suggestion of using gingersnaps, yummy!!! Did you really need to figure out the calories per slice? LOL!!!

  • Jill

    Your torte looks beautiful. I’m glad I ate mine before I saw the calories!

  • Michelle from Baken

    That’s so cool that you figured out the caloric content of these. Surprisingly, not that bad! Your torte looks great!

  • Kayte

    This looks really lovely…don’t you think this dessert would make an elegant one for a holiday? I think yours definitely would fit into that category. Very nice job…always a big recommendation when someone likes it that you think won’t…I always think those are the real winning recipes!

  • Carolyn

    Looks beautiful!! Kind of wishing I had made the glaze, but was too lazy… maybe next time. :)

  • Sugar B

    Wow, your pictures are awesome!

    I love photographers who cook . . and blog their adventures. It’s like beautiful story telling.

    Fab job . . I am going to link you on my blog. :)

    P.S. Thanks for the nutri info .. . I am going to have two more slices! ;)

  • CB

    Why do ppl post nutritional analysis on their blog?? At least warn me before reading so I can prepare!! I almost fainted seeing the calories! haha. Glad you and the hubs enjoyed this one! Great job.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  • Amy

    Uh-oh. 353 calories for 1/8 slice. But I also have to add calories of extra whipped cream and (I’ll admit it) caramel ice cream I added to the side of my plate…. Oh well. This was a wonderful dessert!

  • carmen

    Oooh yum – I think it looks great! I couldn’t find the cookies and didn’t have time to make my own; though I think even if I saw them at WF, I probably would not have purchased them for $12! It sounds like everybody really liked this recipe.

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