TWD Rewind: Coconut Butter Thins

April 11, 2009

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I joined Tuesdays with Dorie on St. Patrick’s Day and made my first recipe:  Banana Cream Pie.  Before I posted my inaugural TWD post, I went back and read every other members posts from the last recipes just to see how it was done.   I didn’t want to commit any TWD faux pas on my first post!   I wound up reading all the posts on the Coconut Butter Thins recipes – and with only one or two exceptions, every single post about these cookies was a flat out rave.  Everyone seemed to have a different experience with the recipe, but regardless of the outcome everyone said that these cookies simply killed.

By the time I was done reading, I knew I had to make them.  The recipe looked dead simple and I thought I could knock them out before I left town last week, so on Wednesday night I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and got the coconut and the macadamia nuts (whoa – $$$).  I had everything else.

I also had an interesting time with these cookies and wound up practically getting 3 different cookies out of the one recipe.  Here’s my recap:

I made these the night before I was due to go out of town, so I threw the chilled dough right into the freezer after rolling it out in the plastic bag. Because the surface I put it on wasn’t completely flat, the dough froze in a slight dome shape. When I tried to cut it, it “shattered” in places and I wound up with some oddly shaped bits of cookie as you can see.

I didn’t get any spreading from these at all – I think because the dough was still frozen and so the cookies held their shape in the oven. I cooked them for nearly 22 mins. These made lovely, blocky, thick, shortbread-type cookies. They had a nice crunch on the outside and a wonderful chewiness on the inside. Yummy. Already I was considering this recipe a success.

By then the dough had begun to thaw and little and was softer and more pliable, although still chilled. The next batch went into the oven and I “smushed” them just a little with my spatula to encourage the spreading that Dorie talks about (I was still looking for that “lacy edge” that she and many others mentioned). This batch spread a little more, was a little crispier all through the cookie. Also a success, but still not quite there for me yet. I mixed a quick little glaze with the juice of 1/2 of the lime and some powdered sugar and glazed these – it gave them a nice bright zip and tang – and then set them aside for the next batch.

I was still in search of that delicate lacy-ness that everyone was talking about. By that time the dough had completely thawed, so I tried something drastic. I first gathered all my remaining sliced cookies into one pile, then I used the large side of my melon-baller to scoop out just enough cookie to make small rounds. Then I rolled them into cute little balls

Then I took a drinking glass dipped in sugar …

… and smashed the holy living heck out of them …

… which left me with a sheet full of super-thin, round cookies to put into the oven.


These – THESE – are the cookies I was looking for. This is what I was imagining as I read through all the reviews. This is what I could feel in my mouth before I even made the cookies; that delicate crumbly edge, that snap as you bit into them, the subtle flavors of lime and the hint of saltiness from the nuts.

This will definitely become a go-to cookie recipe for me. Now that I have the feel for them, I’ll start playing. I think the next variation will try chopped pecans instead of macadamia and maybe a sprinkle of salt mixed with sugar on top.

The recipe is available on page 145 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

Now, excuse me while I go eat more cookies!

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4 thoughts on “TWD Rewind: Coconut Butter Thins

  1. Nancy (n.o.e.)

    Hi Kara!
    I found your site through your recent comment on the bread pudding P&Q. So often I have the same experience: the chocolate gingerbread was a case in point. And the Thanksgiving Twofer Pie. Love the separate flavors, but together? Not so much. (In fact, one of my tasters felt that way about these cookies).

    Love your three variations; I gotta say I’d take the first group – I love them thick and chewy – but all look delicious.

    I’m enjoying poking around your pages – great photography and posts.


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