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February 8, 2010

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Let’s get back into the swing of things for 2010 with Monday Morning Links again. I’ve been behind on everything – including reading blogs – but I finally caught up on all the food blogs I have RSS’d. So many new recipes to try and play with. I’m excited to get started this year.

chives and cheese © 2010 image will play into a future post here. I just feel that every post needs an image – so here it is.)

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites – I’ve seen these listed *everywhere* in the last few months. I really want to try them. I was planning to make them for Superbowl Sunday, but my schedule prevented me from doing so. I’ve got them on my list to make and I will get to them soon, I promise. Here are a few of the sources for them: EzraPoundCake Pretzel Bites (where I saw them originally), Pennies on a Platter Pretzel Bites, and most recently Annie’s Eats Pretzel Bites.

BLT Wraps – These look so good. I’m not sure they’re entirely low calorie, but I’m willing to make sacrifices for a really good BLT. The sundried tomato variation should make these really delicious.

Meyer Lemon Marmelade – It’s so funny how trends make their way around the food blogging world. I have seen 2 dozen posts about Meyer lemons this past week. I have saved all manner of Meyer lemon recipes, but this is one I really want to try; the suggestion of mixing it in with plain Greek yogurt just makes my mouth water.

Roasted Garlic Three Ways – All of these are things I’ve done before, but it’s always nice to be reminded that there are things you can do with your roasted garlic. If you try this, be SURE and read the directions linked for the garlic oil. Homemade garlic oil can be a breeding ground for botulism – be very very careful!

White Bean Soup
– I have nothing really to say about this except that the photo and the recipe made me drool. Literally. So I have to make it.

Bobotie Revisited – Not a whole lot of people know that I spent a good bit of my childhood in South Africa. (Ok, well now a lot of people know!) My father was a communications engineer who built radio systems for governments. We travelled all over the world until I was 15, but SA was my favorite place and I’d love to go back. I haven’t had bobotie in years and am dying to try this recipe to see if I can recreate a childhood favorite.

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