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January 24, 2011

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Good grief this year is already getting away from me!  I have 100+ drafts on the blog here and none of them are finished or photographed. I started out with good intentions and then … well I don’t know what happened.  Life, I guess.

prime rib | © karacooks + kara hudson

Here’s my list of links (brief though it is) for this week.  I have a ton of other stuff to get caught up on and a recipe (of sorts) coming up on Wednesday.  I promise.

  • This Garlic Ginger Chicken by For the Love of Cooking is really appealing.  I’m always looking for more recipes to liven up chicken.  I’m definitely putting this on the list for this week.
  • Pennies on a Platter posted this Hearty Tomato Soup – I know it’s one of at least a dozen tomato soup recipes I’ve saved, but tomato soup is such a comfort food on a cold afternoon.  You can never have too many variations.
  • I don’t just read food blogs – I’m kind of obsessed with design blogs.  And every now and then one of them ventures into the realm of food.  It kind of goes together doesn’t it?  A comfortable home and comfort food?  So this sorta-recipe for a chickpea salad from Pure Style Home really caught my attention.  It’s the kind of thing that would be great to take to work this summer!
  • As always, a recipe from Ree’s Pioneer Woman site makes it onto my list.  This Pantry Pasta for Two looks like a quick and easy weekday meal that I could whip up!
  • My aunt lives in Brazil and has for the last 20+ years.  About every 4 years, she comes home on furlough and makes some fabulous Brazilian dish for us.  My favorite has always been feijoada – a black bean and rice concoction that is so incredibly good.  Elise’s recipe brought a smile to my face as it made me remember my aunt.
  • Love and Olive Oil (isn’t that a great name for a food blog) posted this recipe for a Balsamic Onion Tart with Goat Cheese and Thyme.  Really what more is there to say than that.  MMmmmmm.
  • Sea Salt With Food posted this recipe for Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, but really it was the photo that got me.  It takes me right back to my childhood in Singapore and eating chicken satay on the riverwalk of the Singapore River.  I have to make this just because!

Ok, not too bad a list of links.  This coming week I’m really working on a high protein, low carb plan.  The last couple of weeks have been rather carb laden and I feel the need to back off the starchy, bready carbs for a bit.  Wednesday’s recipe will highlight that.  It’s a really good slow cooked pork loin … and dead simple.  I promise!

Oh, and by the way, Friday is my birthday.  I don’t know what I’m going to do, but surely I can come up with something, right?

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