Week 16 2013 – Things

April 21, 2013

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There are so many random things that fit into my week that I love to share with people (and sometimes I do on Twitter or via chat). I think I’m going to start sharing them here on Sundays, as well as just some random thoughts from the week. Nothing crucial or important or earth shattering, just a little bit of a roundup.

This week has sucked. I think I can say uncategorically that it has. We’ve had bombings, shootings, explosions of factories, earthquakes (multiple), congressional idiocy, on a national level; and new tires and freaking insane coworkers on a personal one. I’m glad it’s over, but even as I say that I know for many people the effects this week are just beginning to be felt and understood. My heart goes out to them.

Things that I did this past week

  • Took an afternoon off work on Tuesday and spent it with my sweetie doing nothing more than hanging out on the back patio, sipping on some iced tea, watching the birds, and talking about life.
  • Made saurkraut. Ok started to make it, since it’s a 3 week fermentation process, from everything I’ve read. I’m excited!
  • Cleaned out my closet. Packed away all the winter clothing, set aside things to go to the cleaners, sent some items off to Goodwill, got things organized for the Great Closet Redo of 2013 that will happen at some point this summer.
  • Cleaned up my workout area in the corner of my room … because I have to get back to working out.
  • Worked a lot. I’m assigned to a new project at work and it’s good to learn new things, but right now I’m out of my depth and having to put in more hours to keep up.

Things that I want to do this coming week

  • Figure out how to automatically push my blog posts to my Karacooks FB page (surely there must be an easier way!)
  • Run 5 miles (cumulative)
  • Clean out my car and detail it (the pollen has seeped through the cracks and the entire inside of my car is a pale yellow)
  • Ship off my next set of slides to be scanned.

Things that made me laugh

Things that are interesting

 Things I want to cook

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