Week 17 2013 – Things

April 29, 2013

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spinach feta phyllo cups | © kara hudson & karacooks.com

So this was supposed to be a Sunday post and I … um … well, I sorta slacked it off yesterday. Some blogger I am. Here it is on Monday instead.

I made the phyllo cups above as a test for a baby shower that I’ll be cooking for in June.  They are fabulous right out of the oven, but unfortunately they get soggy sitting overnight, so they won’t work for the shower. Still … they were yummy and pretty easy and I’ll keep them in reserve for some other event!

Things that I did this past week

  • Photographed the Hambidge Art Auction at the Goat Farm.
  • Finally taught myself how to properly sear scallops (and then ate them twice during the week).
  • Cleaned out my fridge (all except for the veggie bin which is scaring me).
  • Made the cutest ever baby shower invitations for a librarian friend.
  • Finalized my participation in a bridal show at the Fox Theater.

Things that I want to do this coming week

  • Lift weights a minimum of 2x.
  • Clean out my car (again) because the layer of pollen has reappeared.
  • Pull a dozen images to get printed for the bridal show.
  • Get my house cleaned.
  • Stop freaking spending money!!!

Things that made me laugh

Things that are interesting

  • I didn’t mark anything to save on my Feedly reader this week. I can’t remember if that means I didn’t find anything particularly interesting or if I was just lazy and uninvolved. I’m kind of leaning towards the latter. I’ll do better next week, I promise.

 Things I want to cook

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