Thanksgiving Meal Plan

November 26, 2013

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There was no Meal Planning Monday post yesterday because, well, this week I don’t have much of a meal plan. Or, to be specific, I don’t have a regular, daily meal plan. Eating this week is catch as catch can, because all the planning mojo is centering around Thursday and the Thanksgiving feast.

You’d think that since there are only 2 of us living in the house, Thanksgiving would be a low key meal around here. Or even that we’d go somewhere else and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor – but you’d be wrong to think so. I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a group since 1992, the year I graduated from college. Some years it’s been a group of 3 or 4. Some years it’s been a group of 30. It’s always a mishmash of friends, family, and neighbors, plus anyone who wants to drop in for pie and coffee after.

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This year the people in attendance at the actual meal will number only 4: Myself, H, his brother, and his brother’s wife. That doesn’t, however, mean I’ll skimp on the cooking. We’re going full throttle ahead with a turkey (a 20 lb one, yes, indeed) and all the sides. Why? Because we’re crazy that way and because we all love Thanksgiving leftovers.

kahlua pecan pie | ©

Here’s the Thanksgiving Meal Plan

Pre dinner:

The main meal:

  • Turkey (of course) – this year to be spatchcocked and oven roasted
  • Mashed potatoes – because I would be strung up if I left them off
  • Stuffing – both regular and cornbread versions
  • Brussels sprouts – either this recipe or this one
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Gravy – because you can’t have turkey, potatoes, or stuffing w/out gravy


  • Pumpkin pie tart with a gingersnap crust
  • Kahlua pecan pie
  • Whipped cream
  • Coffee (with an optional shot of Irish)

After the feast is done, the leftovers have been properly distributed and put away, the last drop of Irish coffee drunk, I’ll be packing up to spend the rest of the weekend with Z as we celebrate our 1st anniversary together.

Have a great Thanksgiving (all you USA folks) and a great rest of the week, everyone! I’ll be back next week with photos of the feast.

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